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Best Children's Books

Spark a love of reading and learning with the best children's books! Few things can generate more excitement about a subject than a clever, thought-provoking, beautifully illustrated children's book.  We've created this website to spread the word about the best books available--the ones we use with our kids everyday!

Our books are a great deal! All are used but they're also in great condition, some are even like new. None of the books have water damage, torn pages, damage to the spine/binding, or writing on the inside (except occasionally on the inside front cover). Kids are hard on books. Don't waste your money on new, pristine books that will stay pristine for 5 minutes. Our used [but still very good] book sets are a perfect middle ground. :)

And, check out our website for 'best books' lists on a range of different academic and fun subjects: www.the-best-children'