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SALE SET - 20 *Science* Picture Books -- 4th Grade -8th Grade (set#P62)

$ 191.00 $ 56.99

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20 full-sized SCIENCE picture books for just $56.99!  That's 65% OFF the cover prices for these books.  WOW!

This set includes the following used books: 

  • Insiders: Predators by John Seidensticker  [hardcover]
  • First Sight: Animals of the Night by Lionel Bender   [hardcover]
  • Questions & Answers About Seashore Animals by Michael Chinery
  • Glow In the Dark Series: Shark!
  • Animal Lives: Snakes by Sally Morgan
  • Dr Dave: To Burp or Not to Burp by Dr Dave Williams
  • Plants Out of Place by Courtney Farrell
  • Strange Creatures That Really Lived by Millicent Selsam
  • National Geographic: Skin: Cells At Work by Ralph Mitchell
  • Children's Reference: Science & Technology  [hardcover]
  • Sharks! Strange and Wonderful by Laurence Pringle
  • Sea Turtles by Jeff Ripple
  • All About Animals: Penguins by Jane Arlington  [hardcover]
  • The Wild Horse Family Book by Sybille Kalas  [hardcover]
  • Dolphins! by Margaret Davidson
  • Killer Science! Nature's Deadliest Predators by Shelly Silbering
  • The Book of Desert Horses by Christiane Slawik  [hardcover]
  • Silkworms by Sylvia Johnson
  • National Geographic: Earth Science: Exploring Space by Kate Nyquist
  • Animal Mash-Ups (A True Book) by Vicky Franchino

Condition:  These books are used but in good condition, showing very light use. Occasionally there's a small amount of writing on the inside cover (previous owner's name/inscription).

There's just ONE of this exact set. If you like it, buy it now. It may be gone tomorrow!