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Who Built the Pyramid?

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Who Built the Pyramid?
by Meredith Hooper

Who DID build the pyramid? In this innovative nonfiction title, everyone
from the mighty king to the lowly water carrier claims to have built this
massive monument. And whether you’re asking the high priest or the stone mason, each person has a good reason to claim credit for a real pyramid that was built more than four thousand years ago. With lively text and bold illustrations, Meredith Hooper and Robin Heighway-Bury create an unusual, carefully researched look at one of the wonders of ancient Egypt. Meredith Hooper has worked with Egyptologists at the British Museum in London and at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City to create this story—and fact-filled endnotes provide even more fascinating information.

Graded Level:   Second Grade   -   Third Grade   -   Fourth Grade   -    Fifth Grade   

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