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American Girl: Beforever Kit--Turning Things Around

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American Girl: Beforever Kit--Turning Things Around
by Valerie Tripp

Kit is delighted when Aunt Millie comes to visit! Aunt Millie has a special way of turning ugly things into beautiful useful ones, and she has ideas for helping the whole Kittredge family. But what will Kit and her friends think of Aunt Millie's penny-pincher birthday party? Then, a train-hopping adventure makes Kit appreciate the safety of home, and learning about homeless children inspires Kit to make a difference. But what can she do to bring the children hope and help?

Interest Level:   3rd grade     4th grade     5th grade 

Book Type:    chapter book

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condition:  This book is used but it is in good condition.  Occasionally there's the previous owner's name or inscription on the inside front cover.  Overall though, we are very proud of the quality of our books!