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Belle Prater's Boy

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Belle Prater's Boy
by Ruth White

When Belle Prater disappears, Belle’s boy, Woodrow, comes to live with his grandparents in Coal Station, Virginia. Woodrow’s cousin Gypsy is the town beauty, but she has hidden sorrows and secrets of her own. She wonders how Woodrow can accept his mother’s disappearance when she’s never gotten over her father’s death. That’s when Woodrow tells Gypsy the secret about his mother.  An excellent pick if you are looking for kid-friendly books on grief / loss.

Belle Prater's Boy won the prestigious Newbery Honor for excellence in children's literature!

Book Type:   chapter book

Grade Level:   5th grade     6th grade     7th grade  

Reading Level:   DRA Level 50     Guided Reading Level V


Condition:  This book is used but in good condition. There's very little or no water damage, torn pages, damage to the spine, or writing on the outer cover or inside pages. Occasionally there's a small amount of writing on the inside cover (previous owner's name/inscription). NOTE: There are two different covers for this book. The one you get will depend on our current inventory at the time of your order.