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American Girl: Rebecca to the Rescue

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American Girls: Rebecca to the Rescue
by Jacqueline Greene; illustrated by Robert Hunt

On a family outing to the famous amusement park, Coney Island, Rebecca sets off with her cousin Ana to enjoy the rides and games. The one thing dampening the fun is her big brother, Victor--if only he would stop being so bossy! Fuming, Rebecca resolves to show Victor that girls can do anything boys can do. When Victor and the other boys laugh at her, she and Ana decide to go off on their own and enjoy the park without their annoying brothers. But now Ana is missing, and Rebecca hears fire alarm bells clanging. If anything has happened to Ana, Rebecca will never forgive herself.

Grade Level:    3rd grade     4th grade     5th grade     6th grade

Book Type:   chapter book

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Condition:  This book is used but it is in good condition.  Occasionally there's the previous owner's name or inscription on the inside front cover.  Overall though, we are very proud of the quality of our books!  NOTE: This book has two different covers available. The one you get will be one of those shown here.