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Don't Know Much About Space

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Don't Know Much About Space
by Kenneth C. Davis

  • If Earth is round, why don't people on the other side of the world fall off? 
  • Is Mars red because it's embarrassed? 
  • If black holes are invisible, how do we know they're there?

Blast off for the stars! With an entertaining question-and-answer format, amusing anecdotes, and fact-filled sidebars, the author sets his sights on the mysteries of space. Humorous illustrations, along with NASA photographs, add fun and excitement to this fascinating and comprehensive book. Davis takes you back to the time when the Babylonians first charted the stars -- over three thousand years ago! You'll uncover amazing facts about the planets and stars, read how people were once convinced that Earth was the center of the universe, and discover how the experience of moon-walking astronauts may someday lead us to become pioneers on other planets.

    3rd grade     4th grade     5th grade     6th grade     7th grade    

Reading Level:   Guided Reading Level W      DRA Level 60

Book Type:   chapter book

Related Lists:   space      science


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