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Wild, Wild World: Wild Cats and Other Dangerous Predators (SALE!!!)

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Wild, Wild World: Wild Cats and Other Dangerous Predators 
by Clare Oliver;  illustrated by Ross Watton

This book is packed full of questions and answers about the hungriest, biggest, and most dangerous hunters in the world, using clear text and detailed illustrations. What is a Tasmanian devil? How large is a tiger's paw? Do dogs use babysitters? What changes its coat in the winter? There are quiz questions galore, and an amazing fact wherever you see a certain symbol.

Book Type:
   informational read aloud / picture book

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Condition:  This book is used but in good condition. There's very little or no water damage, torn pages, damage to the spine, or writing on the outer cover or inside pages. Occasionally there's the previous owner's name / inscription on the inside front cover.