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Knights in Shining Armor

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Knights in Shining Armor by Gail Gibbons

Wanna spark a serious interest in medieval times? This is a great place to start. :)  Gibbons makes medieval knighthood seem so cool and interesting--the skills, the chivalry, the weapons, the steps to becoming a knight, etc.  Interesting stuff! Plus, we like that it includes brief stories about famous knights like Sir Lancelot, Saint George... 

In our opinion, this book is just more proof that Gail Gibbons really knows how to write for kids!  School Library Journal agrees, ending their review with: "A shining example of the type of nonfiction that Gibbons does so well."  Yep!

Interest Level:    2nd grade     3rd grade     4th grade 

Book Type:    informational read aloud / picture book

Related Lists:     Middle Ages     history   

This book is used but in good condition. There's very little or no water damage, torn pages, damage to the spine, or writing on the outer cover or inside pages. Occasionally there's the previous owner's name / inscription on the inside front cover.