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7 leveled books for Guided Reading N-Q and DRA 30-40 (#NQ1)

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Ideal for kids in second grade and third grade!

7 *NEW* books for just $27.99!  That's 20% OFF the retail price for these NEW books!

This set includes the following new books:

  • Baseball's Greatest Hitters by S.A. Kramer (Level P / DRA 38)
  • Teddy Roosevelt: The People's President by Sharon Gayle (Level O / DRA 34)
  • Clara Barton: Spirit of the American Red Cross by Patricia Lakin (Level P / DRA 38)
  • Ice Mummy: The Discovery of a 5,000-Year-Old Man by Mark Dubowski (Level N / DRA 30)
  • Alexander Hamilton: A Plan for America by Sarah Albee (Level Q / DRA 40)
  • Harriet Tubman: Freedom Fighter by Nadia Hohn (Level O / DRA 34)
  • You Should Meet: Kids Who Are Changing the World by Sheila Sweeny Higginson  (Level P / DR 38)

All 7 books are Guided Reading Level N,O,P, and Q / DRA Level 30,34,38,40.  We've added a label to each book indicating the reading level. 

Condition:  All seven of these books are new (no previous owner).  We purchased them as overstock, so some have a small black dot/line on the side (the publisher's overstock mark) and on occasion a retailer's price tag was left on.  Other than that they are brand new.