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A Silly Snowy Day

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A Silly Snowy Day
by Michael Coleman, illustrated by Gwyneth Williamson 

Shelley the tortoise (cute name!) doesn't want to hibernate for the winter. She wants to see what winter is like! So, with her parents snoring away, she sneaks outside and soon discovers that tortoises aren't quite adapted to snowy day activities like the animals she meets while outside (ie: breaking through ice to get food like a duck, running around in the snow to keep warm like a dog...).  Soon, however, she finds that tortoises are good at some things (but so as not to spoil the punchline, we'll let you discover that).

This is a cute story, and it's also a great jumping off point for talking with young kids about how animals are adapted to live in certain climates and how some have adapted to live in snowy conditions while others hibernate to get through the wintery months.

Interest Level:
   Kindergarten     1st grade     2nd grade

Book Type:    read aloud / picture book

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