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Christmas Wishes (grades Kindergarten and 1st)

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Christmas Wishes
by Tony Mitton

"On the night before Christmas,
the tree was all hung
With lights and with baubles
that shone as they swung. . ."


Here's a beautiful modern variation on a classic Christmas poem, further brightened on every page with delightful color illustrations that evoke children's visions of Santa, sleigh bells, and Christmas trees. It's Christmas Eve, and two little mice are much too excited to go to sleep. . .

"We lay in our beds
as the minutes went by,
But all we could do
was to wiggle and sigh."
When they hear a faint jingle of sleigh bells in the snow-filled air, they know just who's coming to visit! For off in the distance they see Santa's sled . .
"It was pulled by eight reindeer.
The first had a nose
That glowed quite as brightly
as any red rose!"


These lines are just short excerpts from Tony Minton's charming new Christmas poem. It will certainly thrill little boys and girls when Mom or Dad reads it to them on Christmas Eve.

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Graded Level:    Kindergarten   -   First Grade  

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