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Cinder Edna

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Cinder Edna
by Ellen Jackson, illustrated by Kevin O'Malley

The famous Cinderella and her neighbor Cinder Edna each worked sunup to sundown for their wicked stepmother and stepsisters. But while Cinderella had the good fortune to be rescued by her fairy godmother, Edna was strong, self-reliant, spunky--and she lived happier ever after! "Nicely executed....This Cinderella send-up is full of kid-pleasing jokes." (Publisher's Weekly)  A funny twist on the popular fairy tale

Interest Level:   2nd grade      3rd grade      4th grade      5th grade

Book Type:  read aloud / picture book

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Condition:  This book is used but in good condition. There's very little or no water damage, torn pages, damage to the spine, or writing on the outer cover or inside pages. Occasionally there's the previous owner's name / inscription on the inside front cover.