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Davy Crockett - A Life on the Frontier by Stephen Krensky - NEW - (ages 6 to 8, grades 1st to 3, Lexile 780L)

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Davy Crockett - A Life on the Frontier
by Stephen Krensky

Read all about Davy Crockett, the famous American frontiersman, in this nonfiction Level 3 Ready-to-Read!

People said that when Davy was born he weighed more than two hundred pounds! They also said he saved the world from a comet by grabbing its tail, twirling it around, and sending it back into the sky. These stories are just myths, but Davy did have an amazing life. Here is the real story of Davy Crockett, fearless soldier and leader who always stood up for what he believed in. A special section in the back of the book includes a timeline of Davy Crockett's life.

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Graded Level:   First Grade  -   Second Grade   -   Third Grade  

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