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Farm Flu

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Farm Flu
by Teresa Bateman;  illustrated by Nadine Bernard Westcott

In rhyme, this book tells about a farm where most of the animals become sick with the flu, including the cow, the piglets, the chickens, the sheep, and the donkey. The poor boy who takes care of them all, in the farmhouse because his mother, the farmer, is gone, helps them all get well, but then he gets sick!

Interest Level:   preschool     Kindergarten     1st grade     2nd grade

Book Type:   read aloud / picture book

Related Lists:    barnyard / farm


Condition:  This book is used but in good condition. There's very little or no water damage, torn pages, damage to the spine, or writing on the outer cover or inside pages. Occasionally there's the previous owner's name / inscription on the inside front cover.