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Follow That Bear!

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Follow That Bear!
by Michael Catchpool;  illustrated by Vanessa Cabban

Upon awakening, a brown bear spots a bee buzzing around and thinks, "Where there's a bee, there's honey . . . sticky honey, yummy honey, drippy honey, gummy honey. I'll follow this bee as quietly as can be." Thus begins a woodland romp in which the bear is followed by two greedy geese ("Where there's a bear, there are berries") and three field mice ("Where there are geese, there's corn"). When the animals end up at a beehive, 100 ornery bees buzz out and chase them around until there's a massive collision. As the title predicts, where there's a bear, there's sure to be trouble. The buzz, growl, and honk that appear repeatedly as the story builds encourage children to chant along. The opportunities for participation coupled with appealing watercolor illustrations make this a natural for preschool story hours.

Interest Level:   preschool     Kindergarten     1st grade    

Book Type:    read aloud / picture book

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