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Ghostville Elementary - Stage Fright (grades 2 - 3)

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Ghostville Elementary - Stage Fright
by Marcia Thornton Jones & Debbie Dadey

Get ready for more spooky fun from the best-selling authors of THE BAILEY SCHOOL KIDS (TM). And you thought YOUR school was scary? These third-graders are haunted by a classroom full of GHOSTS!

It's show time! Jeff, Cassidy, and Nina find some great props for their class play when they visit a sale at the old Blackburn Mansion. But they bring back more than just an antique fiddle and pet dish. They bring more ghosts! And the new ghosts like to sing...ALL OF THE TIME . Now, the Ghostville ghosts are trying to steal the spotlight and ruin the class play. The show must go on...but it can't go on like this!

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Graded Level:   Second Grade   -   Third Grade  

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