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Mummy Math, An Adventure in Geometry

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Mummy Math, An Adventure in Geometry 
by Cindy Neuschwander;  illustrated by Bryan Langdo

The Zills family is summoned to Egypt to help find the hidden burial chamber of an ancient pharaoh. But when Matt and Bibi get trapped in the pharaoh's pyramid, they stumble upon an even bigger mystery. With only each other, their dog Riley, and the geometric hieroglyphics on the walls to help them, the twins must use their math skills to locate the burial chamber, and the way out. Luckily, Matt and Bibi know their stuff! 

Interest Level:   2nd grade     3rd grade     4th grade     5th grade

Book Type:   read aloud / picture book

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This book is used but it is in good condition.  Occasionally there's the previous owner's name or inscription on the inside front cover.  Overall though, we are very proud of the quality of our books!