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Rainbow Magic Fairies Set #9 (Guided Reading N-P / DRA 30-38)

$ 40.00 $ 21.99

Ideal for second grade and third grade readers!

10 books for just $21.99!  That's almost 50% off the listed retail price for books in the Rainbow Magic series.

This set includes the following used books:

  • Ruby the Red Fairy  (Level P / DRA 38)
  • Amber the Orange Fairy
  • Victoria the Violin Fairy  (The Music Fairies)  (Level N / DRA 30)
  • Ellie the Guitar Fairy  (The Music Fairies)  (Level N / DRA 30)
  • Jessica the Jazz Fairy  (The Dance Fairies)  (Level P / DRA 38)
  • Leona the Unicorn Fairy  (The Magical Animal Fairies)
  • Ashley the Dragon Fairy  (The Magical Animal Fairies)  
  • Lara the Black Cat Fairy  (The Magical Animal Fairies)  (Level N / DRA 30)
  • Caitlin the Ice Bear Fairy  (The Magical Animal Fairies)  (Level N / DRA 30)
  • Erin the Phoenix Fairy  (The Magical Animal Fairies)

Condition:  These books are used but in good condition, showing very light use. Occasionally there's a small amount of writing on the inside cover (previous owner's name/inscription). 

There's just ONE of this exact set. If you like it, buy it now. It may be gone tomorrow!