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Reading Group Set of 6: "The Day the Mustache Took Over" -Guided Reading Q / DRA 40

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The Day the Mustache Took Over Reading Group Set
6 hardcover books for just $21.99
At just over $3.50 per book, that's almost 75% OFF the retail price of $13.99 per book. We got a good deal on them, so we're passing the savings on to you. :)

About The Day the Mustache Took Over by Alan Katz
From the hilarious mind of Alan Katz comes a brand-new series with a cast of characters that will tickle more than your upper lip.

David and Nathan are twin brothers who just can't seem to keep a babysitter around for long--they've had 347 after all. Or is it 734?  Either way...there's got to be someone who can handle these two. Enter: Martin Healey Discount, or "Murray Poopins" as the boys dub him. When they first meet, Martin is all business--well, business and a very bushy mustache. The boys must brush their teeth and clean their rooms and there is absolutely no television allowed. But is there more to Martin than meets the eye? When David and Nathan's parents leave, the twins aren't the only ones acting like children...

Grade Level:    4th grade     5th grade     6th grade

Reading Level:   Guided Reading Level Q     DRA Level 40  

Book Type:   chapter book

These books are NEW.  Some have a small black mark on the side (the publisher's overstock mark), but other than that they are brand new.