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Reading Group Set of 6: "The Incredible Twisting Arm" (Magic Shop series) -Guided Reading Q / DRA 40

$ 35.94 $ 15.99

The Incredible Twisting Arm Reading Group Set -- 6 books for just $15.99At just over $2.50 per book, that's almost 60% OFF the retail price of $5.99 per book. We got a good deal on them, so we're passing the savings on to you. :)

About The Incredible Twisting Arm 
by Kate Egan and Magician Mike Lane
Want to see something incredible? I can twist my arm all the way around. All it takes is a little magic…  Life is a little easier for Mike now that he's found The White Rabbit magic shop. But after missing a special show from a visiting magician, Mike realizes he needs a way to get to the shop by himself. Unfortunately, he's exhausted after only a week of being a model student, and Nora, his magician assistant and expert on good behavior, is distracted by a new friendship. Convincing his parents he's responsible enough to ride his bike downtown alone will take a miracle…or maybe, magic.

Part of the popular Magic Shop book series.

"A fun read about a likeable kid who doesn't have it all together, with realistic portrayals of friendship and school dynamics." -Booklist

Grade Level:    4th grade     5th grade     6th grade

Reading Level:   Guided Reading Level Q     DRA Level 40  

Book Type:   chapter book

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