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SALE! Ten books on the Earth and Space. Kindergarten through Sixth grades (set #33)

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This set of books is just $19.99! 

  • Seasons of the Desert Biome by Shirley Duke (Kindergarten through Third grades)
  • Re-Cycles by Michael Elsohn Ross (Kindergarten through Third grades)
  • The Secret Of the Circle-K Cave by Anna Jane Hays (Second and Third grades)
  • Tornadoes by Jim Mezzanotte (Second through Fourth grades)
  • The Man Who Named the Clouds by Julie Hannah (Second through Fifth grades)
  • Thunderstorms by Chana Stiefel (Second through Fifth grades)
  • Geology Rocks by Cindy Blobaum (Second through Sixth grades)
  • Look at This Tree by Susan Canizares (Third and Fourth grades)
  • The Night Sky by Kimberly Hutmacher (Third and Fourth grades)
  • Treats From A Tree by Susan Canizares (Third and Fourth grades)

 Condition:  These books are used but in good condition, showing very light use. Occasionally there's a small amount of writing on the inside cover (previous owner's name/inscription). NOTE: A few of these books have several different covers available. The one you get might be different than the cover shown here.