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Savage Safari Extreme Encounters with Animal Warriors

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Savage Safari Extreme Encounters with Animal Warriors

Africa is home to some of the animal kingdom's most ferocious hunters and savages. Whether screeching through the rainforests, prowling the wide savannas, or lurking along rivers, these brutes make short shrift out of all who dare cross their paths. To dominate their realms and evade attackers, some beasts use massive strength and vicious claws while others rely on impressive speed and cunning tricks. What equipment and skills would you need to survive? Jump in and find out!

Interest Level:   3rd grade    4th grade    5th grade    6th grade    7th grade   

Related Lists:    animal non-fiction   science 

Condition:    This book is used but it is in good condition. Occasionally there's the previous owner's name or inscription on the inside front cover.  Overall though, we are very proud of the quality of our books!