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Shadow of a Bull

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Shadow of a Bull
by Maia Wojciechowska

Manolo was only three when his father, the great bullfighter Juan Olivar, died. But Juan is never far from Manolo's consciousness -- how could he be, with the entire town of Arcangel waiting for the day Manolo will fulfill his father's legacy? But Manolo has a secret he dares to share with no one -- he is a coward, without afición, the love of the sport that enables a bullfighter to rise above his fear and face a raging bull. As the day when he must enter the ring approaches, Manolo finds himself questioning which requires more courage: to follow in his father's legendary footsteps or to pursue his own destiny?

Grade Level:
    4th grade     5th grade     6th grade     7th grade  

Reading Level:   Guided Reading Level U     DRA Level 50

Book Type:   chapter book

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