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Snowbear’s Christmas Countdown (preschool to 2)

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Snowbear’s Christmas Countdown
by Theresa Smythe

On the first day he wrote a list of all the presents he wanted Santa to bring him.

Come celebrate with Snowbear as the days leading

to Christmas fly by in merry preparation!

December is full of joyful anticipation for Snowbear-there are just so many things to do before Christmas arrives. For starters, Snowbear must put up decorations, buy gifts for his friends, make hot chocolate and cookies-and let's not forget-play in the snow, and go for a sled ride! So count along with Snowbear as the days pass and the excitement builds to Christmas day!

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Graded Level:   Preschool  -  Kindergarten   -   First Grade  -   Second Grade   

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