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The Littles Go Exploring (age 7-10) (a3)

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The Littles Go Exploring
by John Peterson

Years ago, Grandpa Little set off to explore and was never seen again and the mystery of his disappearance was never solved. But now, Lucy and Tom have stumbled across a secret room where Grandpa kept many papers and maps. And they think they can figure out the path he took into the wilderness the last time he set out on an expedition! The family packs up and heads upstream. Surprises await them around every bend -- huge turtles, river rapids, and a new family of tiny people! But when their odyssey is over, will the Littles know any more about what happened to Grandpa Little?

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Age Range: 7-10
Grade Level:

Second Grade     Third Grade     Fourth Grade

Fifth Grade

Lexile: 440
Accelerated Reader (ATOS): 3.5