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The Littles to the Rescue

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The Littles to the Rescue
by John Peterson

The Littles is a timeless favorite that's been enjoyed for decades. Ready to grab the attention of a new generation, fresh cover art brings an updated look to this classic series.

Meet the Littles, a family like any other but with a few tiny differences! They live in the walls of the Bigg family house where they get everything they need. In return they make sure the Bigg house is always in good repair.

A baby is on the way! Despite an awful storm, Cousin Dinky and Aunt Lily set out in the glider in order to help Mrs. Little. But when the glider arrives, Dinky realizes that something is missing. Aunt Lily!

Book Type:    chapter book

Interest Level:    2nd grade   -   3rd grade   -   4th grade   -   5th grade   

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