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The Time Warp Trio - (book #2) - Not-so-Jolly Roger

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The Time Warp Trio - (book #2) - Not-so-Jolly Roger
by Jon Scieszka

Sam pointed out to the ocean.

We could just see the front of a sailing ship appearing from the edge of the island.

"Hey, it looks like a ship," said Fred.

"Three guesses what kind of ship, einstein," said Sam. "And the first two don't count."

We clutched out trees and watched the front of the ship turn into what looked like a huge wooden ocean liner. Except this ocean line had cannons. And it was flying a flag from its mast - a black flag with a white skull.

"Oh, no," said Fred. He went back up the tree. Fast.

Book Type:    chapter book

Interest Level:   2nd grade   -   3rd grade   -   4th grade    

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