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The Woman Who Outshone the Sun

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The Woman Who Outshone the Sun

by Alejandro Cruz Martinez; illustrated by Fernando Olivera

When Lucia Zenteno walks into a mountain village in central Mexico, some villagers whisper that her long black hair blocks out the sun, and they are afraid. Others say her brilliant hair outshines the sun. Frightened, they banish Lucia from the village and watch in amazement as their precious river follows her, for it loves her and will not leave her. Never had the villagers imagined that their beautiful river would leave them, no matter what they did and so the whole village sets out to find Lucia and beg for her forgiveness."

Book Type:
   read aloud / picture book

Related Lists:   folk tales/legends

Interest Level:   Kindergarten     1st grade     2nd grade     3rd grade

Reading Level:  Guided Reading Level O      DRA Level 34

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