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US Presidents Hardcover Biographies Set -- SALE!

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Interest Level:   4th grade     5th grade     6th grade     7th grade     8th grade 

36 used hardcover books for just $143.99!  At just $4 a book, that's 75% OFF the listed retail price for 'early reader' books at this level!

This Checkerboard Biography Library U.S. Presidents Set includes:

  • Woodrow Wilson by Paul Joseph
  • Herbert Hoover by Paul Joseph
  • Benjamin Harrison by Paul Joseph
  • Ulysses S. Grant by Anne Weisbacher
  • Warren G. Harding by Paul Joseph
  • James Garfield by Paul Joseph
  • James Monroe by Anne Weisbacher
  • William H. Harrison by Paul Joseph
  • Martin Van Buren by Anne Weisbacher
  • William McKinley by Paul Joseph
  • John Quincy Adams by Paul Joseph
  • Bill Clinton by Paul Joseph
  • John Adams by Anne Weisbacher
  • Gerald Ford by Paul Joseph
  • William Taft by Paul Joseph
  • Jimmy Carter by Paul Joseph
  • Grover Cleveland by Paul Joseph
  • George W. Bush by Patrick Ryan
  • George Bush by Paul Joseph
  • James Buchanan by Paul Joseph
  • Chester Arthur by Paul Joseph
  • Andrew Jackson by Anne Weisbacher
  • James Polk by Anne Weisbacher
  • Ronald Reagan by Paul Joseph
  • Thomas Jefferson by Anne Weisbacher
  • Franklin Pierce by Anne Weisbacher
  • Richard Nixon by Paul Joseph
  • Andrew Johnson by Anne Weisbacher
  • Dwight Eisenhower by Paul Joseph
  • Millard Fillmore by Paul Joseph
  • Calvin Coolidge by Paul Joseph
  • Lyndon Johnson by Paul Joseph
  • Rutherford Hayes by Anne Weisbacher
  • James Madison by Anne Weisbacher
  • John Tyler  by Anne Weisbacher
  • Zachary by Paul Joseph

Book Type:  hardcover informational picture book (with historical photographs, graphs, maps)

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Condition:  These books are used but in good condition, showing very light use. Occasionally there's a small amount of writing on the inside cover (previous owner's name/inscription). 

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